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Step 2 : Confirm Your Risk Profile.

​This step will help you better understand your perception and understanding of "Investment Risk".

If you have been through our Investment courses, you will by now have established what your "Investment Risk Profile" is and also have a reasonably detailed "Investment Plan" to guide you through the choices you will be making in implementing your investments.

If you have not done any of our courses, we would suggest that you have a look through at least the FREE Courses before you start making your Investments.

If you are comfortable to move forward, but have not as yet completed an Investment "Risk Profile" analysis, please Register for and complete your "Risk Profile Assessment" before you move to the next step. This Risk Profile Assessment is supplied by FinaMetrica, an International company that specializes in Risk Profiling. (To date there have been over 900,000 FinaMetrica Risk Profiles completed) The aim of doing a Risk Profile Analysis is to assist you to correctly invest your funds based on your specific understanding and feeling toward Investment risk.

If you have a partner with whom you make financial decisions, you might wish to ask them to do their own assessment and then compare your individual reports. Most investors have unique ways of dealing with financial matters and the comparison will give you the opportunity to discover and talk about any differences in your investment risk preferences.

The 12-question test takes under 10 minutes to complete. You will then immediately be able to see your personal risk profile report, which is intended to help you be better informed and choose investments that suit your risk appetite.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will have access to and also be able to download the "Risk Profile Report". You may find the analysis and comments quite interesting. We urge you to read through the Report to assist you in better understanding your own Personal Financial Risk Profile.

Once you submit your details in the form below, the "Risk Profile Assessment" will open in  a new browser tab. Once you have completed the Risk Profile Assessment", you will need to return to this page and select your "Risk Profile" in the block below before you proceed to the next step in the Investment process.

Please go ahead and complete your Risk Profile Assessment by filling in your details below. You will be sent an email with your Log In details.

Once you have completed the Risk Profile Assessment and know what your Risk Profile is, Please enter YOUR Risk Profile into the form below and proceed to the next step.

Important !!

You must select one of the Risk Profile scores before you can move to the next step.​