Complete Your Risk Profile Questionnaire.

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This Step helps us better understand your perception and understanding of "Investment Risk".

The questionnaire is provided by FinaMetrica, who are an International company who specialize in Risk Profiling for Investor clients. Over 900,000 FinaMetrica Risk Profile questionnaires have been completed to date.

The Questionnaire consists of 12 questions and shouldn't take you much more than 10 minutes to complete.

If you have a partner with whom you make financial decisions, you might wish to ask them to do their own assessment and then compare your individual reports. Most investors have unique ways of dealing with financial matters and the comparison will give you the opportunity to discover and talk about any differences in your investment risk preferences.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will have access to and also be able to download the Report from the website. You may find the analysis and comments quite interesting. We urge you to read through the Report to assist you in better understanding your own Personal Financial Risk Profile as we will refer to it in our Investment Proposal document to you.

Once you have completed the ​Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, please give us 2 working days to do the required analysis and to prepare the Investment proposal for you. If we have any questions in the interim, we will make contact with you either via telephone or Email.

We look forward to getting your Risk Tolerance Questionnaire feedback and being able to present you with your Investment Proposal.

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