Tell Us More About Yourself and Your Investment Goals & Complete a Risk Profile Questionnaire.

Help us know and serve you better, tell us more about yourself and your Goals.

In order for us to develop a Plan that is centered around YOU, YOUR lifestyle and the GOALS you would like to achieve, it is vital that we fully understand your current lifestyle, your current net wealth, as well as your plans for your future (your Goals).

Secondly, it is also vitally important that we clearly understand how you feel about Investing, the "Risks" associated with Investing and what level of "Risk" you would be comfortable with in an Investment Portfolio. This will give us guidance in developing a portfolio that best fits your "Risk Appetite".

Step 1: Completing Your Personal Financial Information Questionnaire.

To assist you in compiling all of the information we need to build your Financial Plan, we have compiled a document which details all of the information we require.

Please download this "Client Information" document by clicking the button below

NOTE: We would suggest you download the documents below but go and do Step 2, the Risk Profile questionnaire before you complete the Client Information document.

NOTE: There is a fair amount of information to complete in this Client Information document. The accuracy of the information your give us is important. As they say "Garbage in - Garbage out". We definitely want to make sure that we provide you with a useful and accurate Plan that will give you comprehensive and reliable answers to vital questions that you have and enable you to make clear and effective decisions relating to your future.

We therefore ask that you please provide up to date and data that is as accurate as possible in this form.​

If you are unsure of what is required in a specific area of the document and need to ask questions, you are welcome to contact us for guidance.​

NOTE: You will need to fax or scan to Pdf and email the completed "Personal Financial Information Questionnaire" to us at your soonest convenience so that we can continue with developing your Planning Proposal.​

Email and Fax Contact Details

Email documents to:

Fax documents to: 0866160129

Once you have sent us the "Financial Information Questionnaire" as well as completed the "Risk Tolerance Questionnaire" please give us 5 working days to prepare your Financial Plan.

We will make contact with you as soon as we have a proposal ready to discuss with you.

Step 2 : Completing the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.

Please click the button immediately below and carefully answer all of the questions in this questionnaire.

The Next Step: 

As you will recall, the next step in the process is Step 3. We have outlined what will happen in this step below.

Proposal Feedback and Application Process:

Based on the information you give us in Step 1 and the outcome from your "Risk Profile Questionnaire" in Step 2, we will Implement a cash Flow Analysis and develop a Personalised Investment Proposal which we will email to you.

We will then set a date and time for a telephonic or Skype discussion of the Proposal to ensure we have addressed your Needs and Goals in a way that suits your requirements.​ It is important that the Plan fits comfortably within your reach and ability to make changes to your lifestyle where necessary.

Once we have confirmed an acceptable proposal, we will email you the Investment Application form/s together with all the documents required in order to make your Investment. We will also send you a "Checklist" to ensure that you send us all the required documentation.

We will then move on to step 4, which is as follows:

Investment Confirmation and Client Zone Access:

Once you have sent us all the documentation and you have made the deposit into the Administrators bank account, we will confirm with you once everything is in order.

The Investment Confirmation takes approximately 5 working days.

Once we have confirmation from the Administrator that the Investment has been Implemented, we will send confirmation of your Investment to you via email.

We will then also send you your Username and Password for the Client Zone, where you will be able to access all of the facilities available.

As mentioned in Step 3 above, we will be in touch with you within the next 5 working days to set a date and time to chat through the proposal document we have for you.​

We are really excited to be working with you and look forward to chatting to you about your Plan shortly.

Until then, all the very best and keep well.​