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How you think about Your Lifestyle, Money and Financial "Risk".

This short assessment helps us better understand your perception and understanding of "Investment Risk".

We are pleased to offer our clients the FinaMetrica risk tolerance assessment.

FinaMetrica’s offers an award-winning risk profiling process to help people invest based on their personal risk profile. By participating in this process and gaining a better understanding of your "Risk appetite" you are more inclined to stay invested and achieve your financial goals.

Launched in 1998 and proven through various market cycles, FinaMetrica is used by thousands of leading advisers around the globe to scientifically assess their clients’ risk tolerance, incorporate those assessments into the financial planning process and frame expectations more realistically. Over 1,000,000 FinaMetrica risk assessments have been completed to date. 

The 25-question test takes under 15 minutes to complete. You will then immediately be able to see your personal risk profile report, which is intended to help you be better informed and guide us as your adviser to choose investments that suit your "risk appetite" and your needs better. 

For those of you who make financial decisions together, it is vitally important that both of you do your own assessment and then compare your individual reports. Everyone has their own unique way of dealing with financial matters and the comparison will give you the opportunity to discover and talk about any differences in your investment risk preferences.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, as we have mentioned, you will then have access to and also be able to download your "Risk Profile Report". We are sure that you will find the analysis and comments quite interesting. We urge you to read through the Report to assist you in better understanding your own Personal Financial Risk Profile as we will refer to it in our meetings with you going forward.

Please enter your details below to go ahead with your Risk Tolerance assessment.

We look forward to getting your Risk Tolerance Questionnaire feedback and thank you for taking the time to complete it.