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This section of our site will assist you to ensure that your Estate Planning is always kept up to date. 

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As you know, it is vitally important to keep your Estate Planning up to date and relevant to your current and planned circumstances.

We recommend that you revisit and check your Estate Planning on at least a 2 year basis.

A couple of the immediate things that come to mind are as follows:​

  • Have your Personal or Family circumstances changed at all since you last reviewed your Estate Planning?
  • Has legislation changed in any way since your last reviewed your Estate Planning?

If you are unsure of anything, it is always better to check and confirm.

You can access a current copy of your Estate Planning documentation on your "Portfolio and Documents" file. Read through what you currently have in place. If you need changes or an update done, you can make contact with us and we will prepare that required  documentation for you.

Make contact with us by completing your details and a short description of what you would like done.