Invest Now - AllanGray

Making your Investments using Allan Gray as your Administrator.

In order to assist you in making your Investments, we will take you through a 7 Step process to ensure that all of the correct documentation is prepared and submitted correctly.

Please remember that, you will be investing directly with Allan Gray here. SimplyInvesting is purely the facilitator and adviser in this process. At no point do you deposit money into SimplyInvesting's bank account.

All funds that are transferred in order to implement your investments are transferred directly to Allan Gray's bank accounts that have been specifically set up for each type of investment product. We will explain this and give you the correct bank details in the Step pertaining to making your funds transfer.

If you have questions or have any difficulty during the process, please feel free to contact us for assistance.​

IMPORTANT: If you have not done any PLANNING to ascertain what your Investment Goals are​ and have a good idea of what Investment Vehicle/Product you will use to "house" your investments, I would suggest that, before you go any further, you first take a look at our Free Introductory Planning Tutorials and get a good idea of "how" best to make your investments.

The 7 Step process is as follows:

Step 1 

  • Enter your personal details so we can set up your account.

Step 2 

  • Complete and confirm your Investment Risk Profile. This is a short set of questions specifically designed to assist you in picking the correct funds for your investment purpose and time frame, based on your personal risk profile.

Step 3 

  • Choose an Investment Product (Vehicle) that is best suited to your Investment objectives.

Step 4 

  • Select the appropriate Fund/s which you will then house within your Investment Product/Vehicle.

Step 5 

  • Complete all of the forms and collect together all other documents required to make your investment.

Step 6 

  • Scan and Email OR Fax your documents to SimplyInvesting for processing.

Step 7 

  • Confirmation of receipt of your documents and your next step.

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