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Invest Now - Options Overview.


Self Investor

  • You make ALL the choices.
  • We make sure your Investments are Implemented correctly and efficiently.

Guided Investor

  • You tell us about Yourself and your Goals.
  • Based on Your Goals and Risk Profile, we guide and propose Investments for you.

Planned Investor

  • You tell us about Yourself, Your Lifestyle and Your Goals.
  • Based on all of the above and your Risk Profile, we develop a Plan and present you with an Investment Proposal.

Full Service Investor

  • You tell us about Yourself, Your Family and your Needs & Goals.
  • Based on our discussions and Your Goals, using Lifestyle and risk analysis together with cash flow planning, we develop a full financial road map for your future.

 Make sure you choose an option that BEST suites YOUR needs and level of involvement.

We are all very different and have different degrees to which we would like to be involved in making decisions and managing our Investments and related Financial Matters.

It is therefore vitally important that we take a good and honest look at how we would best serve ourselves as well as those who depend on us, to ensure that we utilise the most effective way, to achieve our Financial Goals.​

Questions to ask yourself:​

  • Am I headed in the Right Direction?
  • Do I have the Right Focus & Commitment?
  • Am I Implementing the Right Strategies to achieve my Goals?

Here are the Service Offerings we have for you. 

Click on the links below to find out more detail about each offerings and follow through on the one that best suites your personal needs and requirements and will get you to your Goals most Effectively and Efficiently.​

DIY Solution. (We provide a wide range of choices, YOU decide what you want.)

This option gives you the opportunity to:​

  • Choose an Investment Administrator (Choice of 2)
  • Make your OWN Investments ONLINE in 7 easy steps
  • Choose between a number of different Investment Products provided by each Administrator
  • Choose between a wide range of Funds offered by each Administrator.


  • Choose between a Selected "Risk Categorized / Profiled Solution" range of Funds offered by each Administrator.
  • After making your Investments, you get access to the Full Services to our Investors Zone.

YOU make all the choices.

We ensure that your Investments are Implemented according to those choices.

We Guide you in make the BEST choices for YOU.

We ensure that your Investments are Implemented according to those choices.

(We Guide you every step of the way to ensure that you make the best choices for YOU)

This option gives you the opportunity to:​

  • Be Guided through the investment process ensuring that you Invest based on YOUR "Risk Profile" and in a manner that best suites your needs and or Investment Goal.
  • Avoid the complexity of having to make choices regarding Investment Products. A "best fit" product option will be recommended to you, based on your Investment requirement.
  • Avoid the complexity of choosing between a vast range of Investment funds. Funds that best suit your needs and Investment time horizon will be recommended to you.
  • Receive an Investment Proposal that you can then easily Implement with the guidance of our efficient administration team.
  • On implementation of your Investment you will get access to your personal Client Zone where you can monitor your Investments.

(We listen to your requirements and build a Plan that you can then Implement to ensure you reach your Goals)

This option gives you the opportunity to:​

  • With our help and guidance, we will build a complete Investment PLAN that will provide you with Financial Clarity and Focus for your Future.
  • Implement a strategy that has been Custom built based on you and your families specific lifestyle and needs for the future.
  • You will receive a Proposal Document that sets out all of your planning inputs, summarises your goals and answers all of the most important questions relating to your Planning requirements.
  • Implement your Investment Plan based on your Planning Proposal, immediately to ensure that you start off on your path to financial success and peace of mind.
  • On Implementing your Investments, you will get access to your Personal Client Zone where you can monitor your Investments on an ongoing basis.

We Guide you through your Planning.

We ensure that your Investments are Implemented according to your Planning.

A Comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning Service addressing all of your Financial Lifestyle needs and Goals.

(For those who prefer a Personal, Full and Holistic Financial Planning Service)

This option gives you the opportunity to:​

  • Receive a Premium Comprehensive Financial Plan, inclusive of, Investment and Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Medical Planning as well as Asset Risk Planning.
  • A detailed analysis of your Financial Needs will be done, full Cash Flow Planning together with a comprehensive "Risk Profile" analysis will be undertaken.
  • Based on your Planning outcomes, scenarios will be discussed to ensure that a Plan that best suites your needs is then proposed and documented.
  • Your Proposed Plan is then matched to Investments that best suit your Planning requirements and Goals
  • The Investments are then implemented together with re-alignment of your current portfolio investments to ensure your planned outcomes are achieved.
  • Based on your Planning, your Estate Planning is reviewed and any adjustments recommended will be implemented, together with any Personal Risk cover implementation.
  • We will also ensure that your Medical Planning is suitable for your needs and recommend any changes should there be a need.
  • Finally, we will also revisit your short term cover needs should you require this type of review.
  • You will receive ongoing portfolio reviews on all aspects of your Lifestyle Planning areas.
  • Get access to your Personal Client Zone where you can monitor your Portfolio on an ongoing basis.

This service is offered by our Private Client Service company "DJD Financial Services". Please click the button below to find out more about this service and the various other benefits of Planning and Managing your Wealth with us. We look forward to helping you.