Invest Now - Option 2 - Guided Investor

4 Simple Steps to Make Investing Easy for You.

​We are TOTALLY aware that for some, Investments and Investing and even Finances as a whole, are dry and uninteresting. Hence the reason for our GUIDED INVESTOR Solution.

The idea here is to make the Investment process as easy and painless as possible for you.​

  • You answer some quick questions about your Investment Goals
  • You complete a quick "Risk Tolerance Assessment Questionnaire".
  • We do all the background work and provide you with an Investment Proposal based on your Goals and our best advice.
  • We assist you to Implement your Investments.

In Summary, here is what we will do for YOU:

We will....

  • Listen to your Investment Needs and Goals.
  • Develop a Risk Profile for you based on your answers to a Risk Profile questionnaire
  • Present you with a short Proposal document based on your input and our analysis of the outcomes from your Risk Profile questionnaire.
  • Prepare all documentation for you in anticipation of you making your Investment, together with a checklist to ensure you send through to us, all the required documentation.
  • Process all of the forms and documents on your behalf.
  • Send you confirmation of your Investment.
  • Provide you with access to our Client Zone which has loads of useful and helpful information to help you better understand your Investments, Planning your Investment strategy, better understand the economic and legislative environment you are investing into and just generally assist you wherever we can.
  • You will be sent quarterly statement directly from the Administrator and we will provide you with an annual review of your Investments.

Here are the Steps we will follow in Guiding you through the Investment Process:

Set Up Your Account & Tell Us a bit about Your Investment Goal:

Firstly, we look forward to helping you and hence would like to get your  details.

Secondly, we would like to know a bit about your Investment Goal so we can assist you in the best possible way.

Complete a Risk Profile Questionnaire: 

In order for us to guide you in the best possible way to make the best Investment for the Goal you have, we ask that you would please complete a "Risk Profile Questionnaire" for us.

The Questionnaire consts of 12 short questions.

Proposal Feedback and Application Process:

Based on the information you give us in Step 1 and the outcome from your "Risk Profile Questionnaire" we will email you a proposal for your Investment.

Together with the Proposal document, we will include the Investment Application form together with all the documents required in order to make your Investment. We will also send you a "Checklist" to ensure that you send us all the required documentation.

Investment Confirmation and Client Zone Access:

Once you have sent us all the documentation and you have made the deposit into the Administrators bank account, we will confirm with you that everything is in order.

The Investment Confirmation takes approximately 5 working days.

Once we have confirmation from the Administrator that the Investment has been Implemented, we will send confirmation of your Investment to you via email.

We will then also send you your Username and Password for the Client Zone, where you will be able to access all of the facilities available.

Click the button below to download a detailed explanation of the services provided within the GUIDED INVESTOR service option.

What are your costs when you Invest?

It is always very important to know exactly what your Investment costs are going to be. To this end, we like to ensure that our clients know up front exactly what their Investment costs will be.

Investment Costs are normally made up of 3 parts:

Our Advisory Fees

Right, it's time to make a start. Click the Button below to go to Step 1.

Not quite ready to move forward...

Learn a bit more about Planning and Investing before you make a start:

If Investing and all the jargon is not something you are familiar with, in order to better understand what you need to know about planning your finances and better managing your money, we would suggest that you take a look at our short FREE Introductory Financial Planning Courses.

The idea of these Introductory Video Courses is to demystify the whole aspect of "How", "When" and "Why" to Investing and to guide you to a better understanding of Planning and Investing correctly​ for YOUR needs and Goals.

It is very important that you have a good understanding of what investments are, how they work and how they can best be implemented in a portfolio, based on a clear and specific Plan to ensure that your are able to achieve your Investment Goals.​