Reviewing Your Investments

Before you click start in this tutorial, I would like to share a quick anecdote to relate how important this portion of your planning and running your portfolio is.

If we relate what we have gone through so far in this course to a relationship. We have met and have got to know one another (we have learned and understand much better how investing and planning works), we have got engaged (we have done the planning and know what we want to achieve) and have also now got married (we have implemented our investments as we had planned. What now lies ahead is the rest of our lives together. We will learn more and more about each other as time goes by. We will also go through ups and downs and there will be changes too. This is all part of life. But if we look after things carefully, the relationship only gets better and better and our understanding of each other grows. Though some times, some hard work is and will be required and sometimes loads of fun, we are able to enjoy all the best times together, our personal goals and achievements that we had always wanted and dreamed of...

I do apologize for the rather romantic slant but hope that you will see the parallel that I am trying to paint.​ In fact, being able to manage ones finances will be a BIG part in and of why you are able to enjoy your personal life fully.

The MOST IMPORTANT work is in managing your portfolio into the future.

This tutorial gives you some guidelines as to how to do that.​


We trust that this course has given you some useful insight and a helping hand into the world of managing your personal finances.

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