Scenario Testing

In this Tutorial we show you how you can test and arrive at the best possible scenario for your specific situation and family.

Everyone and every families financial planning and investment scenario is different and specific to them so it is vitally important to plan for YOUR situation. It is important that you are absolutely honest with yourself on the numbers and projections that you use and implement.​

Always rather err on the side of caution or conservatism than be over optimistic. It is far better to get a good or happy surprise than a bad one​. (As human beings, we are 75% more effected by negative surprises than we are by positive surprises).

It is also always better to address a situation which is difficult than to leave it to uncertainty in the future when it will almost certainly become a bigger problem and harder to address.​

So, here is how we get it right...​


Right, so its now time for you to do some of your own calculations. 

You will see the button below where you can now download the financial planning calculator. please go ahead and do so. As we have said, put all of your own information into the calculator and see what the initial outcomes are. You can then change some of the items to tweak the outcomes and arrive at what best suites you and your family going forward.​

A suggestion... We recommend that you watch the calculator demo video which is most similar to your current situation as you work through entering your own data into your calculator tool. working through the process methodically in this way will make life much easier for you.