Financial Independence Step by Step

Hi and thank you for visiting our course page for our course:

“Financial Independence Step by step”.

This course has been specifically designed for those who are keen to really take full control of their financial lives and Planning towards Financial Independence. If that is you, you are in the right place.

As mentioned on previous pages, this course covers everything you would need to firstly, learn what you need to know, secondly, you will be taken step by step through the whole planning process, calculations included, thirdly, we will show you exactly how to go about investing your planned portfolios to ensure you DO reach your planning goals and then finally, you are shown how to manage your portfolio, planning and in fact your whole financial world, on an ongoing basis.

What this course will do for you :

  • All you need to know to take FULL responsibility for your Financial Wealth
  • Take you step by step through the whole planning process from start to Finish
  • Teach you what you need to know to be able to build and manage your wealth  from the basics of budgeting to cash flow planning, asset allocation, portfolio diversification, implementation and ongoing management.
  • Enable you to answer all of your questions with regard to:
  • How much you need to retire financial independent
  • How much you should be saving on a monthly, annually and future basis in order to achieve your Goals
  • How much you will be able to draw as an income during your retirement, based on your accumulated savings at retirement
  • How much cover you should have in place to ensure you family is cared for should something happen to you
  • How important planning is to ensure you are able to provide for your family and children the way you would like to
  • When you should start planning and what you need to implement
  • Etc etc..

If this sounds like something you would like to do and to have the control, certainty and peace of mind in your life, we suggest you take action now.

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About the Author Dave Donnelly

I am a self confessed financial planning fanatic. When I am not building new courses for my clients or guiding clients through how best to Plan Financially for their lives I enjoy spending time with my kids on the beach or on our boat. Travelling and spending time with people to understand better what makes and constitutes success and reveals life's purpose to us all fascinates me.